What You Need To Know

A subdivision of land is the legal means of dividing an existing parcel of land into two or more smaller parcels. Land Titles Office issues a new Certificate of Title for both the new parcel(s) and the balance of the original parcel. Subdivisions may be divided into several categories each of which is regulated under our Land Use Bylaw.

FIRST PARCEL OUT OR Farmstead separation: This is normally restricted to a quarter section that has not been previously subdivided. In some cases a first parcel out can be allowed if a previous subdivision has been registered on the quarter section for a public use such as a school, church, cemetery, etc. The largest parcel remaining is considered un-subdivided. The Development Authority cannot normally refuse this type of subdivision however, any parcel created must meet the following conditions:

a) Must be suitable for the proposed use (i.e. have a suitable building site and meet the parcel size requirements of the Land Use Bylaw – 3 acre minimum and 10 acre maximum size or at the discretion of the Approving Authority, based on the need to accommodate related farm buildings and improvements.).

b) Must have legal access (be adjacent to a surveyed road or road allowance).

  • Both the proposed parcel and the balance of the quarter must have physical access. An approach must be existing or installed to both parcel


The following must be submitted with a Subdivision application:

  • Complete & sign the SUBDIVISION APPLICATION form and submit application fee. Basic $ 100.00 plus $100.00 for each parcel created including the balance of the property. For example: A first parcel subdivision would cost $ 300.00( $ 100 plus $100 for the first subdivision and $ 100 for the remainder of the property).  NOTE: These fees are non-refundable.3. Supply an up-to-date Copy of the Certificate of Title. The copy must be obtained not more than two months prior to the subdivision application date.4. Complete Form B – Proposed Subdivision Sketch (or provide on separate page) and Chart – indicating distances of existing sewer from residence, water source(s), and all boundaries. Note: Rural areas – Must include size and location of area to be subdivided, sewage disposal, buildings, trees, well/water courses, dugouts, existing and proposed approaches.
    5. Complete Form C – Water & Sewer Service Information.6. Complete Form D – Disclaimer and Right-of-Entry Form.7. Excerpts from the Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standards of Practice are attached to provide you with information and a contact regarding sewer setbacks.
  • Open Discharge Acreage Setback Requirements      Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standards of Practice – 2009

    Steps Required To Register a Subdivision:

    STEP 1: Owner: completes the subdivision application, provides a copy of the title (not more than 2 months old) for the property, prepares a sketch of the proposed subdivision and submits the Subdivision Application fee to the M.D.
    STEP 2: MD: The Development Officer sends letters to the referral agencies (ie. Land Titles, Sustainable

    Resources, Transportation, Environment, Telus, Atco, etc.) as well as adjacent land owners.

    STEP 3: MD: The subdivision application is submitted to the Municipal Planning Commission (M.P.C.) for consideration. A decision is issued and if no appeal is filed by the applicant or referral agencies (within 14 days), an approval is considered complete.

    STEP 4: Owner: ensures the conditions of the subdivision approval will be fulfilled. These conditions will, in part, address the following:   Taxes are paid.

     Access to the subdivision and the balance of the quarter to be constructed to the standards of the Superintendent of Public Works at the Owner/ Developer’s expense.
     Sewage System to meet Health Unit & Plumbing Standards.
    STEP 5: Owner: Contacts surveyor to prepare the survey plan.

    STEP 6: Owner/surveyor: submits documents to M.D. for endorsement. Fee required of $55.00 per title (Total of $110.00 for a First Parcel Subdivision.). All conditions of the subdivision must be met prior to endorsement.
    (Must Register Within 12 Months of Endorsement Date otherwise a Time Extension is required.)
    Endorsed Document Returned to Surveyor who registers documents with Land Titles Office, Edmonton.

    NOTE: It takes approximate 3 months to complete a subdivision due to the factors outlined above.


  • Municipal District of Spirit River No. 133 at (780) 864-3500