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What is a municipal Development plan?

Section 632 of the Municipal Government Act refers to Municipal Development Plans. Municipalities with a population of 3,500 persons or more must adopt a municipal development plan. Municipalities with a population of less than 3,500 persons may adopt one. A municipality wishing to allow for a direct control district must adopt a municipal development plan.

A Municipal Development Plan must address:

Future land uses within a municipality

  • the manner of and the proposals for future development within the municipality
  • the co-ordination of land use, future growth patterns, and other infrastructure with adjacent municipalities if there is no Intermunicipal development plan with respect to those matters in those adjacent municipalities
  • contain provisions of the required transportation systems either generally or specifically within the municipality and in relation to adjacent municipalities
  • contain provisions for municipal services and facilities either generally or specifically
    contain policies compatible with the subdivision and development regulations for guidance on land uses adjacent to sour gas facilities
  • contain policies respecting provisions of municipal, school or municipal and school reserves
  • contain policies respecting the protection of agricultural operations
  • may contain statements regarding the municipality’s development constraints, results of any development studies, impact analysis, and planning policies (corporate strategy, goals, objectives, targets) A Municipal Development plan may address any other matters relating to the physical, social or economic development of a municipality.

What is an Area Structure Plan?

The purpose of an Area Structure Plan is to provide a framework for subsequent subdivision and development of an area of land. A council may by Bylaw adopt an Area Structure Plan. An Area Structure Plan must describe:

  • the sequence of development proposed for the area,
  • the land uses proposed for the area, either generally or with respect to specific parts of the area,
  • the density of population proposed for the area either generally or with respect to specific parts of the area, and
  • the general location of major transportation routes and public

An Area Structure Plan is not limited to these as it may contain other matters that the Council considers necessary.

What is an Inter Municipal Development Plan?

(Joint General Municipal Plan)

Inter Municipal Development Plans are created when two or more Municipal Councils each pass a bylaw adopting a development plan in accordance with the Municipal Government Act Section 631(1)(2) or in accordance with sections 12 and 692 for those areas of land lying within the boundaries of their respective municipalities.

The Intermunicipal Development Plan may provide for:

The future land use within the area

  • the manner of and the proposals for future development in the area
  • any other matters relating to the physical, social or economic development of the area that the Councils consider necessary.

The Intermunicipal Development Plan must include:

  • A procedure to be used to resolve or attempt to resolve any conflict between the municipalities that have adopted the plan,
  • A procedure to be used, by one or more municipalities, to amend or repeal the plan, and Provisions relating to the administration of the plan.