Roadside Spraying

The Agricultural Service Board (A.S.B.) shall control noxious and restricted weeds and brush along Municipal District of Spirit River No. 133 right of ways.  The A.S.B. shall also prevent the spread or establishment of new weeds within the Municipal right of ways.

Amended Roadside Vegetation Control Agreement

As per policy ASB. 18  Roadside mowing has now become a part of the Intergrated Vegetation Management of weed species and will follow a yearly rotation.

No municipal spraying applications shall take place adjacent to hedges, shelterbelts, yard sites, dugouts or environmentally sensitive areas without proper authorization of the Alberta Environmental Protection Act and/or permission of the landowner.

Residents are responsible for the control of weeds on either side of their hedges, shelterbelts, yard sites and dugouts for 50 meters. Municipal spraying applications on these areas shall take place only with the written permission of landowner.

Residents shall be notified by newspaper prior to the start of the spraying program each year with special mention regarding wild berry bushes.

Residents may request that no spraying be conducted adjacent to their property by signing a written waiver in person at the Municipal office annually.