Noxious Weeds

Control of Noxious Weeds:

Alberta is protected under  legislation to protect its valuable assets from invasive species.

Plants are designated as weeds due to their invasive growth habit, lack of palatability to livestock and their ability to outcompete agricultural crops.
Many of the weeds that are of concern started out in people’s flower beds, escaped as ornamentals and due to their invasive nature and lack of native pests they became a problem.  While all weeds in the Weed Control Regulation should be controlled some weeds are more common in this County, namely;

Prohibited Noxious Weeds:

Scentless Chamomile  Himalayan Balsam  Spotted Knapweed  Orange Hawkweed

Noxious Weeds:

 Canada Thistle  Common Tansy  Dame’s Rocket  Ox-eye Daisy
Toadflax  Tall Buttercup Sow Thistle

For a complete listing of noxious and prohibited weeds in Alberta visit: : Agriculture and Forestry