Full steam ahead, since 1916.

Full steam ahead, since 1916.

a review of 2022

It has been another eventful year for the MD of Spirit River No. 133. Firstly, I must thank the Central Peace Fire & Rescue Commission along with our neighbors, forestry and all responders who helped battle and defeat our wildfire. We were very fortunate that the area received precipitation which helped, and I know it was very welcome by all the region’s producers.

The MD of Spirit River, Town of Spirit River and Village of Rycroft have partnered to host a community BBQ on June 12th  at 6pm at the Brownlee Building to show our appreciation to our local firefighters. Our Council will be there, and we encourage ratepayers to come out and show their appreciation.

While you are there, please check-out the Brownlee Building renovations that have recently been completed. As many of you are aware, the MD welcomed AFSC into our building. The original plan was for the government to move this service to Grande Prairie, however, the MD worked with AFSC and the Minister of Agriculture to keep this service in our area.

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