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David Johnson

Public Works Supervisor

Please allow me to introduce myself…My name is David Johnson and I am the newest team member recently employed by the Municipal District of Spirit River #133.  I have been and still am a lifetime member of MD #133 (as many of you already know). I reside on a small acreage just a few miles south of Spirit River with my wife Brenda. We have one son and one daughter, both adults now with their own families, and of present we are blessed with 3 Grandchildren.

If you take a drive by our place, it is quite obvious what my hobbies and passions include-20 horses. I enjoy riding, especially trail riding in the mountains. I have built my own sheds, corrals and my most recent projects include building my own chuck wagon, hooking up my horses and designing a barn which is now near completion. I am still contemplating taking a stab at chuck wagon driving-It is in my blood-a family tradition passed on.

I started out in the work force in my late teens at Civic Tire for two years. Then I went on to pursue my class 1 licence-with oil patch booming. I proceeded to spend the next 15 years as a truck driver loading, hauling and operating oilfield equipment-working for Diamond J oilfield enterprises and Fitzpatrick Contracting. I then worked my way from trucking into foreman and supervision roles in road construction and maintenance with Bry-Don contracting and Cordy Construction. Most recently I was employed for the past 5 years at the Cold Lake air weapons base as a Supervisor with Cordy Construction. It will most certainly be a welcome change to be working close to home once again. I am looking forward to many years of service at my new position.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support.

My goal is to dedicate and fulfill my services to our community.


David Johnson

In the event of Emergency Call out of Municipal Equipment please call:
in the following order:

David Johnson cell (780) 864-9600

Kelly Hudson cell (780) 864-8059

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Collection of Firewood

PWS.15 Farmstead Dust Control

Private Lane Snowplowing and Maintenance Policy