Welcome to the Municipal District of Spirit River 133

Commemorating 100 Years of Council (1916-2016)

From left to right CAO- kelly Hudson, Council Elaine Garrow, Council Tony Van Rootselaar,

Back row- Reeve Stan Bzowy, Front Council Yves Mercier.






2016 Year in Review

With the beginning of the New Year 2017 I wish to bring best wishes to all of the residents and ratepayers of the Municipal District of Spirit River and to all of our neighbours in the Central Peace and beyond.  Now that 2016 has concluded I wished to share some of my thoughts on our successes and challenges.

Looking back on 2016 we successfully celebrated our 100 year Centennial Celebration jointly with the Town of Spirit River and with help from the Village of Rycroft.  It was a very enjoyable August weekend with many opportunities to meet friends and neighbours to reminisce on the days of the past.  As I look back to the early years I remember the hard work and dedication of the Councils and staff that brought us through the tough years as homesteaders and pioneers.  The monument that sits outside the MD office reflects our heritage with the arrival of agriculture and the railway on one side and a view of the modern MD on the other.  In this photo you can see much of what makes the MD successful today; agriculture, oil and gas, and development including the three grain elevators.  As well; a list of all the hard working men and women that served on 100 years of Council to provide the necessary services that we use today.

The MD has come a long way in 100 years.  As I look at the recent accomplishments and successes I think of the people of the MD and how they are all contributing in their own way to the success of our communities.

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Reminder to Snowmobilers


Winter can be a fun time of the year when it comes the joy of snowmobiles. Many people see this as a great winter sport and a way for friends to get together and have fun. Sometimes, however, in the quest for fun and excitement, common sense, safety, courtesy and respect for themselves and the public, are forgotten or ignored.

Snowmobiles are capable of great speeds which can cause severe damage or death if care is not taken while operating these machines. Children should never be allowed to operate one of these on their own. Everyone that goes out on one should wear the appropriate safety gear and dress warmly in case of a break down or accident.

Extreme care and caution should be exercised when crossing roadways. A snowmobile is no match for motor vehicles. Unknown territory can also be extremely dangerous. Fallen trees, large rocks etc. cannot be seen under snow cover, but can cause mishaps. Another huge danger is fences. Some of the electric fencing is not visible until you are almost on top of it, or going through it.

The other important aspects are courtesy and respect for landowners and their property. You should always ask for permission to travel across someone else’s land. Most people are O.K. with snowmobilers crossing their property. But you should ask the landowner EVERY winter!!

No one wants to prevent you from going out and having fun. But you might find you have a much better chance at it if you remember to use common sense, safety, courtesy and respect.

            Thank you and Happy Snowmobiling!